Ginseng Rhs

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 Aloe Vera: nti-hyper-susceptibility and anti-histamine. Aloe can eradicate the harmful substance in the body and counteract the toxin invasion. Besides its reputation as a cleanser for the urinary tract, It’s a natural source of healthful proanthocyanidins, which helps to  remove harmful free oxygen radicals from the cells. he amylase in aloe can restrain the growth of abnormal cells. The most microelement in aloe is bio-germanium which can restrain tumor and is called “the salvation bio-germanium in 21st”. Aloe can enhance the immunity of the body and strengthen the normal cells activity and restrain tumor cells.

1 Ganodema: Scientific research proves it promotes immunity and has anti-cancer effects. Organic germanium can change the abnormal electric potential to normal and eliminate the cancer electric potential. Ganoderma amylase is one of the effective ingredients, which can restrain the fibrosarcoma tumor cell growth, black-pigment disease; control the metastasis of cancer cells; enhance the ability of NK cells and phagocytic hemocyte; maintain and strengthen the body immunity effectively; restrain abnormality and autoimmune response and finally reach the goal to prevent tumor and retard aging..

Ganoderma is an excellent care product in Traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology. In compendium of Holy Farmer, ganoderma is called ‘saving grass’.In compendium of Material Medica, ganoderma is called ‘supernatural grass’. Ganoderma includes ganoderma amylase, ganoderma acid, alkaloid and 17 kinds of amino acids,
organic germanium and other microelements..

The efficiency of the ganoderma spore is times higher than of ganoderma. Ganoderma spore can strengthen the cytophagy, promote the composition of protein and nucleic acid; assist the removal of tumor, This Product works as Anti TUMOR, Which is great for fibroid shrinking and subsequent removal

1 GinsengSuitable For; People who intend to boost immunity, People who have benign or malignant tumor. World brand ginseng RHs capsule contains many functional ingredients such as RH1 and RH2. Ginseng RHs is very effective to prevent and cure cancer/tumor such as fibroid. Ginseng RHs can restrain the diffusion of cancer/tumor cells; avoid or protect the normal cells and tissues from invasion. It can notably control the proliferation and metastasis of tumor cells

1 Chitosan: modern research suggests that the herb promotes blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and lower blood lipids, including cholesterol. It has the reputation of flishing out un-natural growth like tumor from the system.



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