Longrich Chewable Calcium Tablets

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Daily intake of calcium is good for strong bone and teeth.
It helps prevent osteoporosis.
It helps pregnant women to prevent high blood pressure and maternal death.
It aids and promotes secretion of hormones.
It inhibits the formation of kidney stones.
It strengthens and improves memory.
It is good for arthritis patients.
It lowers blood pressure and the risk of hypertension.


Longrich Chewable Calcium Tablets is a good health product that provides the body cells with energy & building blocks that they use for healing and reproduction.
The Longrich Chewable Calcium Tablets can also be used for treating stiffness e.g. Arthritis; For filling up our dietary calcium requirements especially for healthy bones and teeth;
It can prevent damage from environmental toxins because it has antioxidant properties.
This Longrich Health product helps to prevent osteoporosis in adults;
It has been proven to lower the risk of having high blood pressure and stroke;
It can be used by women during menstruation to replace the lost calcium.
1 tablet 3 times daily. Suitable for everyone

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